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About me

Speak and I will listen. Ask and I will tell you the truth. If you are ready to shift, I am here. Call me or stop by and spend a moment. 

The details:

Kate DeChard

Owner: At Kate’s
60 Broadway PO Box 484, Tivoli, NY 12572
Instagram: Atkatestivoli111



  • University of Georgia M.Ed. Special Education
  • Holy Cross College B.A. Literature
  • Sound Healing Master's Level Training with Triz Remedios*
  • Intuitive Healing Master Program with Dr. Christine Page
  • Therapeutic Touch
  • One Light Healing Touch Master Program

*The Subtle Energy work that I practice is called Integrative Alignment. It is a comprehensive approach to “Sound Healing” developed by Triz Remedios which emphasizes the power of sound, intention and vibration to facilitate the restoration of mind/body/spirit integrity.