Relax, Restore & Recharge

The Tools for Transformation Crystal and Custom Blended Smudge Collection At Kate’s support the restoration of mind, body and spirit balance through the relief of internal and external stressors. At Kate's is an evolving creation designed to align the metaphysical qualities of the specific tool with the needs of the customer.

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  • Synergy Smudge Custom Blend

    To see clearly

    To listen carefully

    Speak intentionally

    May the gifts of the plant world create clarity between us.

    Created in ceremony, 24 herb and resins synergistically work to clear the mind, body and spirit.

    Sold in 2oz packages intended to be burned on charcoal.

  • Crystal of the Month

    Amethyst Flower Heart

    Reaching toward love

    Finding in you, me

    A flowering of love

    Far greater than our imaginings.